Welcome to the website of Company Simone de Jong / Het Hoofd! We invent children’s performances and music theatre experiences for adults. Coming from music theater and modern mime, Simone’s performances are about sound and imagination and are always addressing the senses, in a secretive way. She previously worked at a.o. Orkater as an actor. In july 2016 her children’s book `Het geheim van meneer Hartjes’ was published. At the moment we have three performances running, see under here. If you need any information or want to book a performance, contact us at simone@hethoofd.nl or peter@vanaf2.nl (agent).


Twee Turven Hoog op lokatie - Simone de Jong - Kluizelaar - OstadeTheater - Amsterdam - © Saris & den Engelsman

There is a square. Is it a house?

There is sound. What happens inside?

A lid opens. Is there something inside?

What is inside? Who is inside?

Hermit (Kluizelaar) is an visual, original performance about a mini house. The inhabitant is not at home, but we do hear him…  A funny and moving performance about being alone and coming home.

Hermit played in X’ian, Luxembourg and Belgium, apart from The Netherlands. In september 2018 it was chosen by theater Krakeling for TFJong, festival for best performances of the season. See here

‘…a lovely theatrical treasure for all ages *****’ review Theaterkrant, October 2016


Watch the TRAILER 

Duration: 35 min. and afterplay                            Age: 2-6 years old and adults, L.N.P.

Director: Simone de Jong                                       Actor: Toon Kuijpers





A girl leaves the noisy world and finds herself on a wonderfully silent island. There she finds a lot of little hidden treasures and becomes a real islander…

This sensitive performance is about the small hearable and touchable things, that we often forget about.

Duration: 35 min. and afterplay                            Age: 2-6 years old and adults, L.N.P.

Director: Simone de Jong                                       Actor: Eva Kijlstra

Watch the TRAILER of Island (Eiland)


Little whale

© Moon Saris

There is a girl living near the beach. One day she finds a whale. He is all alone on the beach, just like her. She takes care of him, takes him with her, entertains him. They are not alone anymore. They sing about the sea. Whale has got to go back, quickly…

WalvisJong is een muzikale beeldende voorstelling over de wonderlijke verbintenis tussen een kind en een walvis. Ze vinden elkaar in bijna het enige dat mensen én walvissen kunnen: zingen…

This performance is made after the book ‘The storm whale‘ by Benji Davis.

Watch the TRAILER of Little whale (WalvisJong)

Director: Simone de Jong                    Actor: Senna Gourdou             Music: Marieke van de Ven

Prem. Oktober 2017