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For any information about our performances or workshops, contact us at simone@hethoofd.nl or peter@vanaf2.nl (agent) or check www.vanaf2.nl

Interesting dates:

Our new show Slinger!  (4-8 yrs) is on festival 2 turven hoog 14 and 15 april in Almere, see here 

and will be at Art of wonder festival in Assen on 3 and 4 june

For all dates of all shows, see here

Our company: 

Simone de Jong Company (Amsterdam 2015) creates work based on movement, music and imagination. Original, funny, sensitive. Our performances are mostly non-verbal (L.N.P.), since for a young child the spoken word is only one of hundreds of languages. We like to connect with children and challenge them at the same time. Our shows are for everyone from 2-7 years old and everyone who wants to be that big again, for a while. We start from the physical and aim for the philosophical.
Artistic director Simone de Jong is educated in modern mime and music theater. She teaches professionals and children and gave workshops in a.o. Egypt, Belfast, München, Arnhem and Amsterdam. She is the author of 2 novels for children. She strongly believes in the interaction between teaching, directing and writing. Meeting children is the fuel for creating.

Our shows:


Three children living alone

swinging on their bedframe

playing endlessly

doing whatever they feel like

daring everything

Come and see them…

This funny heartwarming performance with acrobatic acting is like a kid’s dream.

Slinger is inspired by all quirky, willful and tough kids. About friendship, courage, living without parents and physical closeness.

Slinger inspires children to move, rough and tumble, and follow their imagination. Because that’s what makes you strong.

For everybody from 4-8 years old and everybody that wants to be that big again.

Watch the TRAILER

Duration: 50 minuten

Director & concept: Simone de Jong

Cast: Josephine van Rheenen or Clara Ottignon, Anna Bentivegna, Nestor Matytchak

Set design: Erik Begemann Costume design: Elian Smits Music: Hans Hasebos

Light design: Simchah Hoed Business manager: Hilje Thiescheffer

Illustration: Gerard de Bruyne Photography: Moon Saris

Booking agency: vanaf2.nl – peter@vanaf2.nl



Twee Turven Hoog op lokatie - Simone de Jong - Kluizelaar - OstadeTheater - Amsterdam - © Saris & den Engelsman

There is a square. Is it a house?

There is sound. What happens inside?

A lid opens. Is there something inside?

What is inside? Who is inside?

Hermit (Kluizelaar) is an visual, original performance about a mini house. The inhabitant is not at home, but we do hear him…  A funny and moving performance about being alone and coming home.

Duration: 35 min. and afterplay                            Age: 2-6 years old and adults, L.N.P.

Director: Simone de Jong                                       Actor: Toon Kuijpers or Koen van der Heijden

‘…a lovely theatrical treasure for all ages *****’ review Theaterkrant

Watch the TRAILER 

 ‘Like much of the best children’s work, Simone de Jong’s words are minimal, but those that are uttered bring at first a deep sense of sadness and later joy to this beautifully crafted onehanded production that succeeds in exploring what it means to be alone, to be settled, and to feel at home.’ Alan in Belfast/ Festival Young at art 

…’for a near-perfect combination of movement and human voice in children’s theatre, there’s no need to look any further than Simone De Jong of the Netherlands’ exquisitely funny show Hermit..’ **** The Scotsman / Edinburgh’s children festival Imaginate

‘…mezz’ora di purezza, trenta minuti da vivere, respirare, capire, assaporare.’ Tommaso Chimenti / Colpi di scena, Forli

In september 2018 Hermit was chosen by theater Krakeling for TFJong, festival for best performances of the season. See here 

Hermit was staged in Galway (Baboró festival), Chengdu, Xi’an, Luxembourg, Belgium, Hakawy festival Cairo, Young at art festival in Belfast, Imaginate festival Edinburgh, Fimfa XL Lisboa and the Dutch BRIK-festival (De stilte). It was received very well at IPay 2019 in Philly, see here.

Koen van der Heijden



The surrealistic travels of two carpenters

Two carpenters. They build a lot. They rebuild all the time. Their world is never finished, it can always be better, more beautiful, different. 

But Tim cannot stop working and Willie wants to protect the china. Then the fatigue starts. Dream and reality are increasingly intertwined in the wondrous world of Timtim.

Timtim is a visual performance with humor, carpentry energy and a pinch of magic. About two passionate craftsmen, their friendship and their adaptability.

Duration: 40 minuten and afterplay Age group: 2-6 yr olds

Watch the TEASER

All used text in Timtim is very simple and can easily be translated in English.

Actors: Toon Kuijpers en Niels Kuiters      Director: Simone de Jong

Music: Niels Kuiters  Decor: Erik Begemann  Costumes: Elian Smits

Photography: ©Kamerich & Budwilowitz/EYES2  Thanks to: festival 2 Turven Hoog

Agent: www.vanaf2.nl 020-6366860

Premiere 20 april 2019 kleine zaal KAF Almere, festival 2 Turven Hoog


Sometimes it snows

She is on a journey. Travelling through landscapes, she walks, glides, falls, jumps, turns, creeps and hauls herself forward. Finally, she finds shelter and falls asleep. Then it begins to snow.

Sometimes it snows is a playful and humorous performance about the dream of the traveler and staying flexible in hard times.

**** ‘Magic and wonder’ Scènes, may 2022    Watch the trailer

Director & concept: Simone de Jong       Performer: Zahira Suliman     Decor: Erik Begemann

Scenography: Elian Smits  Painting: Martina Bauer Music: Hans Hasebos Light design: Jacques van Room Technician: Jakob Proyer / Erik Begemann Image: Gerard de Bruyne

Discipline: dance / modern mime Duration: 35 minutes and afterplay Age: 2-7 years old and adults, L.N.P.


Flamenco Whispercity

See the trailer

Spel & dans: Jessica Achten   Regie/concept: Simone de Jong   Gitaar: Tijn van der Sanden   Geluid: Daniël Koomen Decor: Erik Begemann     Decor/kostuum: Elian Smits    Licht: Arjan Slotboom   Verkoop: Vanaf2.nl

4 maart Den Haag Flamenco Fluisterstad theater Dakota 10.00u

18 april Haarlem, Flamenco Fluisterstad De Schuur Haarlem, international festival 2 Turven Hoog



a musical fairytale about finding the place where you belong

Watch the TEASER

She is enticed into a silver world full of mysterious sounds, where things lead their own lives. Whispers, pitter-patter, giggling.. She plays, tries out and discovers secrets behind the sounds. Untill she is exactly there, where she should be.

Whispercity is a musical fairytale about finding the place where you belong.

Acting, song & concept: Simone de Jong

Sound: Daniël Koomen Decor: Erik Begemann  Costume: Elian Smits

Light design: Arjan Slotboom Artistic advise: Dirk Groeneveld

Den Haag, De Nieuwe Regentes – 11 oktober, 10.30u
Almere, festival 2 Turven Hoog – 25 oktober (première)
Rotterdam, Theater Rotterdam – 29 november 11.00u
Heerlen, Parkstad Limburg theater – 13 december 11.00u
Enschede, Concordia – 3 januari 11.00u

Whispercity is a co-production with festival 2 Turven Hoog Sales agent: Bureau Vanaf 2 peter@vanaf2.nl

Premiere 25 oktober 2020 at festival 2 Turven Hoog.




A girl leaves the noisy world and finds herself on a wonderfully silent island. There she finds a lot of little hidden treasures and becomes a real islander…

This sensitive performance is about the small hearable and touchable things, that we often forget about.

Duration: 35 min. and afterplay                            Age: 2-6 years old and adults, L.N.P.

Director: Simone de Jong                                       Actor: Eva Kijlstra

Watch the TRAILER of Island (Eiland)


Little whale

© Moon Saris

There is a girl living near the beach. One day she finds a whale. He is all alone on the beach, just like her. She takes care of him, takes him with her, entertains him. They are not alone anymore. They sing about the sea. Whale has got to go back, quickly…

WalvisJong is een muzikale beeldende voorstelling over de wonderlijke verbintenis tussen een kind en een walvis. Ze vinden elkaar in bijna het enige dat mensen én walvissen kunnen: zingen…

This performance is made after the book ‘The storm whale‘ by Benji Davis.

Watch the TRAILER of Little whale (WalvisJong)

Director: Simone de Jong                    Actor: Senna Gourdou             Music: Marieke van de Ven

Prem. Oktober 2017